Q. How long in total do I get in the pool for timeshare ?

A. You are given one hour in total which includes your changing time.

Q. Is there parking at the pool ?

A. There is parking for up-to 3 cars for timeshare

Q. Can I give my slot to my friend/family member if I cannot make a session ?

A. Yes, but please let us know .

Q. Will I be given first refusal for my renewal for my slot ?

A. Yes, we will always consult you before re- advertising your slot.

Q. Do we have to wear swimming hats ?

A. Yes please !

Q. Can we go on the waiting list for a weekend slot or any other slot ?

A. Yes – please e-mail me with your details this will then go as a first come first serve basis.

Q.  Do you sell hats, goggles etc at the pool ?

A.  Yes, we have a small selection of swimming goods for sale.

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