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Dear all


Firstly can I say myself and Mervyn have really appreciated your support and kind words to spur us on it makes it so much easier !!


The pool however won’t be ready until 26th Feb, I will explain what’s going on .


The Plant room has been completely replaced with all new equipment , we were hoping to install new boilers as well but this will be done at a later date with no closure need .


The pool is still completely drained and has been professionally cleaned , we are currently replacing tiles and re grouting where needed .  This is were the timings come in .


The grout takes 3 days to dry , the pool takes 3 days to fill and a week to heat the water up


The changing rooms and foyer are well underway for redecoration and carpets will be cleaned .


Again we are sorry for such a long closure but those of you who have been with me from the start (13 years !)  will know this is the first time it has been closed for such a long time and fingers crossed with all new equipment and investment !! the pool should run smoothly form now on


Any questions please feel free to contact me and please feel free to forward email on


Kind Regards


Naomi and Mervyn

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